tegu lizard Fundamentals Explained

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Shockingly, Argentine Black & White Tegus originate from Argentina where it is actually scorching in the summertime and cold within the Wintertime. Tegus in captivity require a basking location of about 100-one hundred ten degrees throughout the spring and summertime. The rest of the cage really should be inside the 80s throughout the day and during the night the temperatures can drop properly in to the lower 70s.

Which is rather magnificent. I'd not heard of such a lizard! Seems like an awesome pet! I've canines and cats, they may now value a lizard.

In captivity, domestic rodents can provide the majority of your black and white tegu’s diet plan. Raw eggs, chicks, or other modest animals can nutritional supplement the diet.

Given that they breed nicely in captivity, we don't capture these animals in significant volume with the pet trade. Their wild populations are stable, and we haven’t threatened them with extinction presently.

The breeding of blue tegus appears to be producing more albinos. Some have red eyes and a few have brown eyes. I Individually Imagine the brown-eyed specimens may possess the much better genes, as being the red-eyed types are incredibly delicate to light, and check here many are already born blind.

One of several frequent grievances about retaining exotic Animals is how tough it is to feed them. Pet dogs and cats might be fed just by going out and obtaining foods from the pet keep. What about a Tegu?

Life spans of fifteen many years or maybe more may be envisioned with this particular species on condition that close awareness is paid out to food plan along with other essential husbandry issues.

Conservation Concept: Tegus are getting to be more well-known from the pet industry and pet trade. Just before buying these lizards one particular should know in which they ended up bred, as catching them within the wild is decreasing their populations, and wild caught tegus can be quite intense.

These lizards are popular pets since they are clever and charismatic, and you can even housebreak them! Keep reading to study the assigned animal

They also need a large drinking water dish to allow them to soak while in the drinking water, this will also help to raise the humidity levels inside the enclosure.

Housing Argentine Black and White Tegus Argentine black and white tegus are significant and need significant and secure enclosures. Juvenile tegus is often kept in a large glass aquarium using a locking lid, but Grown ups will need a larger specialty terrarium or maybe a custom created cage.

It sounds like you may have an abundance of experience and can make an awesome Tegu owner. You should definitely study all you are able to about diet plan, since feeding your Tegu is usually much easier than the opposite pets you've experienced, but should really surely be performed appropriate.

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